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Welcome to the NEA VIVA Idea Exchange.

I am Kim Bolton and I will be your moderator. 

How the VIVA Project Works

Educators working with students in public schools in 11 states across the country share their ideas about creating a positive learning environment and behavior in classrooms and school buildings. 

Thought leaders from the conversation are invited to join a Writing Collaborative charged with synthesizing the ideas of the group as a whole into a report.

Members of the Writing Collaborative meet together with NEA President Dennis Van Roekel and our l... More »

Our Question:

If you could change the laws and practices in your state or across the country, to improve safety in your classroom and school what would you suggest? What proactive role should education take to confront this continuing problem?

Problem Solving Skills and Caring Communities

Genevieve H. When people are able to get their needs met through effective nonviolent means, they do. While we are talking about arms ... More »

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Armed Teachers IF:

Claudia E. In some states it is almost too easy to obtain a concealed weapon permit. I believe teachers should have the right to arm ... More »

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Sue C.

Sue C. Fences should be built around the school buildings anywhere students play. Metal gates should be installed in front of ea... More »

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Maryclaire R.

Maryclaire R. We need to work as a community to keep our children and staff safe. Security and Police presence is important in our city... More »

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Armed teachers

Mark G. I would like to try out the idea of having teachers have the option to have firearms. It's worth a try. More »

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